Lets Get Social

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Delicious, StumbleUpon, and whatever else some kid in a dorm room comes up with.

Marketing and branding experts have always agreed that Word-of-Mouth is the most powerful method of brand building. But in today’s digital age of marketing, Word-of-Mouse is the dominating force that is revolutionizing the way we build and maintain brands.

Social Media represent the greatest paradigm shift in marketing in the past 50 years. The impact of Social Media Marketing on your business, or your persona, can drive immediate short-term gains and exponential long-term results. While some forward thinking companies, celebrities, and individuals have developed strong Social Media Marketing strategies, many have not yet embraced Social Media or have given it less than a full effort.

  • With over 800+ million active users, Facebook would be the world’s 3rd largest country (behind China and India).
  • Every minute, people upload 24 hours worth of content onto YouTube.
  • 96% of the Millennial Generation consume social media at a greater rate than all previous generations’ consumption of radio and television combined.

Social Media is not simply a marketing fad, it represents a fundamental shift in cultural and consumer behavior. Its ability to influence active communities of fans, consumers, and prospects is unmatched. Zenxeon Technologies stands at the forefront of developing effective Social Media Marketing strategies and tactics to help companies harness this powerful new medium.


Stop Losing Money

If your customers can’t use or get to your website, they can go to your competitors. We can fix that.




Develop profile, add photo, custom Twitter background images, account settings, following and maintaining followers, posting news, blog posts, promotions or other information.


Develop profile, add photo, add network connections, join groups, request recommendations, post articles, respond to questions, search for opportunities to connect.


Set up and customize Facebook account and Facebook fan page, posting news, comments, links, polls, photos, coupons or promotions, encourage followers.


Develop strategy for online video; coordinate resources to develop promotional, educational or other videos, promote video through Web and other social networks.


Design and setup of custom blog (WordPress or other), add photo and profile, develop content strategy, writing and editing blog posts, promoting blog via social media profiles.